Episode 108 – ASC Podcast with John Goehle – News Update, Planning for Rest of 2020, Preparing for Retreat , – July 12, 2020

On this Episode of the ASC Podcast with John Goehle, we end our respite with an update to all of the news in the industry, prepare for the annual AHS Retreat, and discuss how to develop a plan for the rest of a very challenging 2020.   The ASC Podcast with John Goehle is sponsored by Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies, Eden Group Development, Surgical Information Systems, Intalere, Medicus IT,. Encompass Healthcare Data Solutions and BHG Patient Lending.  For more information about our sponsors, visit our website at ASC Podcast.com

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Downloads and Links Discussed During this Episode:

  1. Companies have raised prices on 245 Drugs during the pandemic 
    1. Article in “The Hill” on 6/29/2020
    2. Report from “Patient’s for Affordable Drugs” reported this
      1. https://patientsforaffordabledrugs.org/2020/06/28/covid-price-hikes-report
    3. The Hill Article:
      1. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/505115-companies-hiked-prices-on-245-drugs-during-pandemic-advocacy-group-says

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