Membership Information

Membership Information

Listeners of the ASC Podcast with John Goehle can enhance their experience with one of our membership programs!


The ASC Podcast with John Goehle Patron Program

Patron Members of the ASC Podcast with John Goehle many benefits on our partners site - ASC Central:

For $25/month,  become a Patron Member and enhance your listening experience with access to the Patron Program on ASC Central - an exclusive membership website that provides a one-stop  ASC Regulatory and Accreditation Compliance, Operations and Financial Management resource for busy Administrators, nurse managers and business office managers.

ASC Central includes:

  1. Access to Regular (usually Weekly) Drop-In Virtual Meetings (on most Saturday Mornings) with John Goehle and Other Members
  2. Periodic Updates (through Zoom) with the speakers and your fellow patrons. This is an interactive session that gives you an opportunity to ask questions and interact with other patrons.
  3. Member Resources, Including
    • Links to Critical CMS Resources
    • Credentialing Resources
    • Food & Drug Administration Resources
    • OSHA Resources
    • Links to Special Episode Content
    • ... and much more to come!
  4. A Document Library with a growing list of resources, including:
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Example Policies
    • Infection Control Resources
    • HIPAA Resources
    • Example Risk Assessments
    • Example Committee and Governing Body Minutes
    • Over 60 Disaster Drill Scenario Kits
    • and much more to come!
  5. Access to a growing list of Virtual Conferences that we presented over the last few years, including the following:
    • 2023 Multi-State ASC Virtual Conference (2-Day Intensive Conference presented in June 2023)
    • ASC Conditions for Coverage and Interpretive Guidelines Conference (From 2021)
    • ASC Medical Director Conference (from Fall 2021)
    • Fire Door Training (from 2021)
    • Provider Credentialing Conference (From December 2020)
  6. Interact with the Podcast hosts and other members about ASC issues and discuss recent episode content.  The membership website is a robust tool that allows members to interact with other members and the hosts and to share information about the ASC Industry.

Membership helps to defray the costs of producing the podcast, including research staff, travel costs to conferences, equipment costs, and production costs.

The ASC Central Premium Access Plan!

The ASC Central Premium Access Plan offers a variety of online services to its members. The benefits include access to a wide range of services, including:

  • Unlimited access to our popular "Bootcamps", the ASC Industry's most comprehensive training for ASC Leadership.  Members can attend any number of ASC Administrator Bootcamps and ASC Director of Nursing Bootcamps and can listen to the recordings throughout their membership.  Certificates will be issued for all attendees that complete the bootcamps.  These bootcamps are usually priced at $1,899.99 for each bootcamp.
  • Unlimited access to various conferences, including our Credentialing Conference, Conditions for Coverage Conference, Medical Director Conference and Fire Door Training Conference.
  • Unlimited access to the industry's most comprehensive Infection Control Training, designed for Infection Control Coordinators and those who wish to take the Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center Infection Preventionist Exam.  Attendees receive an attendance certificate to provide evidence of training for surveys.
  • Access to regular (usually weekly) "Drop-In" Zoom Sessions with the hosts and other members to discuss any ASC Issues.
  • Up to five hours of Private Consultations by Zoom (minimum of 30 minute sessions).  Any additional hours can be purchased at $300/hour. (Note that this is in addition to the "Drop-In" Sessions to which all members are able to attend). These private consultations can be used for any purpose, but examples could include:
    • To discuss a particularly difficult situation
    • For advice on starting new services
    • To meet with staff for training on any topic you should choose
    • Meeting with the Governing Body to discuss the requirements for Certification or Accreditation
    • Mentoring of new staff members
    • To simulate questions that a surveyor might ask for a particular section of a survey
    • ... anything else!
  • Access to a resource database that includes policies, forms, minutes templates, drills, and more.
  • Any staff members in your ASC that are CASC or CAIP certified can receive AEUs and IPCH credits for those course that include them for no additional charge.  For example, the DON and Administrators bootcamps include 29 AEUs each.  The two Infection Control Course include about 7 AEUs and IPCHs each.  Using this platform, a certificant should be able to receive almost all of the AEUs and IPCHs necessary to recertify every three years.
  • Using the Chat function on the ASC Central website, you can chat with the hosts and other members of the platform about any issue in ASCs.

If you would like more information about these services or would like to have a private zoom session to show you how membership would work, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 585-594-1167.

  • Unlimited Access to ASC Administrator's Bootcamp
  • Unlimited Access to ASC Director of Nursing Bootcamp
  • Unlimited Access to all Infection Control Training Programs
  • Access to Free Conferences and Seminars
  • Access to Resource Database (Policies, Forms, Minutes Templates, Drills, etc.)
  • Four Hours per year of Private Consultations
  • Ability to Chat with the Hosts and Email
  • Weekly "Drop-In" Sessions by Zoom with Hosts and other members
  • AEUs and IPCH Credits are available for CASC and CAIP Certificants for most of the training programs for no additional charge


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