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Membership Information

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Members of the ASC Podcast with John Goehle have access to ASC Central:

For $25/month,  become a Patron Member and enhance your listening experience with access to ASC Central - an exclusive membership website that provides a one-stop  ASC Regulatory and Accreditation Compliance, Operations and Financial Management resource for busy Administrators, nurse managers and business office managers.

ASC Central includes:

  1. Access to Regular (usually Weekly) Drop-In Virtual Meetings (on most Saturday Mornings) with John Goehle and Other Members
  2. Periodic Updates (through Zoom) with the speakers and your fellow patrons. This is an interactive session that gives you an opportunity to ask questions and interact with other patrons.
  3. Member Resources, Including
    • Links to Critical CMS Resources
    • Credentialing Resources
    • Food & Drug Administration Resources
    • OSHA Resources
    • Links to Special Episode Content
    • ... and much more to come!
  4. A Document Library with a growing list of resources, including:
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Example Policies
    • Infection Control Resources
    • HIPAA Resources
    • Example Risk Assessments
    • Example Committee and Governing Body Minutes
    • Over 60 Disaster Drill Scenario Kits
    • and much more to come!
  5. Access to a growing list of Virtual Conferences that we presented over the last few years, including the following:
    • ASC Conditions for Coverage and Interpretive Guidelines Conference (From 2021)
    • ASC Medical Director Conference (from Fall 2021)
    • Fire Door Training (from 2021)
    • Provider Credentialing Conference (From December 2020)
  6. Interact with the Podcast hosts and other members about ASC issues and discuss recent episode content.  The membership website is a robust tool that allows members to interact with other members and the hosts and to share information about the ASC Industry.
  7. CASC Certified Administrators may AEU Credit for listening to the podcast.  The number of AEUs available may vary from year to year depending on content.  To receive your AEU Credit, you will need to complete a short quiz related to the podcasts during the calendar year and after successfully completing the quiz, you will receive a certificate for the AEU units.


Membership helps to defray the costs of producing the podcast, including research staff, travel costs to conferences, equipment costs, and production costs.