ASC Infection Prevention Coordinator Training

ASC Infection Prevention Coordinator Training

Our ASC Infection Prevention Coordinator Training was an incredible success.

Thank you for all of our attendees.  For those that missed the live event, you may Purchase Access to the Infection Control Coordinator Training Program.

If you are a paid retainer client of Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies, during the CoronaVirus crisis, you can listen to the conference for no charge.  Call or email your AHS contact or John Goehle for access information.

For all others, the conference cost is $199.99 and you can obtain 5.75 AEU or IPCU credits.

Purchase Access to the Infection Control Coordinator Training Program

Protecting your Staff and Patients from Infection in Today’s Environment


A recording of the training program to prepare nurses for the role as an infection control infection prevention coordinator or to improve the skills of infection prevention coordinators in the ambulatory surgery setting recorded on April 7, 2020. This full-day course focused both on the basic skills necessary to become an infection control coordinator and to build on skills that current coordinators already have. Particular emphasis is placed on the infection control challenges of our current environment and preparing for more rigorous surveys in the near future.

The Course has been Approved by the Board of Ambulatory Surgery Certification for 5.75 IPCH Credits for CAIP certificants.


  • Part 1: The Role and Responsibilities of the Infection Preventionist
    • Explain CMS’s required key components of an infection prevention program
    • Review the role of the Governing Body
    • Discuss the Integration of infection control (IC) and quality assurance and improvement (QAPI)
    • Define the Infection Preventionist (IP)
    • List the role and responsibilities of the Infection Preventionist
  • Part 2: Developing An Effective Infection Control Plan
    • Review CMS’s requirements of an infection prevention program
    • Define the role of key members of the infection control committee
    • Explain factors to consider when creating an infection control plan
    • List components to consider when customizing your infection control plan
  • Part 3: Performing an Infection Control Risk Assessment
    • Define an infection control risk assessment
    • Discuss elements to include in an infection risk assessment
    • Propose ways of customizing the risk assessment performed
    • Review a sample risk assessment
  • Part 4: Performing an Infection Investigation
    • Define Surgical Site Infections (SSI)
    • Discuss the incidence of SSI
    • Explain the purpose of an investigation
    • Develop an infection investigation tool
    • Review how to use the tool
  • Questions and Answers
    • Live attendees can ask questions both during the presentations and at the end.

Download Full Infection Control Program Agenda

Purchase Access to the Infection Control Coordinator Training Program

What is included:

In addition to the presentation, you will receive:

  • All the slides from the presentation
  • Tools to assist you in your duties as an infection control preventionist
    • Risk Assessment
    • Surveillance Tools
  • Certificate of “Attendance” that demonstrates training as an Infection Control Preventionist


Laurie T. Roderiques RN, BSN, CNOR, CASC, CAIP, LNC (Presenter)

John J. Goehle, MBA, CASC, CPA (Moderator)

Purchase Access to the Infection Control Coordinator Training Program