Virtual Conferences and Seminars

The ASC Podcast with John Goehle is the ASC Industry’s leading provider of Virtual Conferences and Seminars.  Attending a Virtual Conference/Seminar is not like listening to a “Webinar”  Webinar’s are boring, our Virtual Conferences are not!

What’s different about our virtual conferences and seminars:

  • Relevant, timely information
  • Presented in an entertaining format
  • Provided by some of the industry’s top speakers and content experts
  • You can get AEUs and IPCHs if you hold a prestigious certification (CASC or CAIP) for some of our programs.
  • If you can’t attend our conference or seminar live, you can get the recordings and listen to it at your convenience
  • You don’t have the expense of travel to attend a virtual conference or seminar
  • You can listen to a virtual conference or seminar over and over again – and at any time you want!

Upcoming Conferences

The ASC Administrator’s Bootcamp prepares Administrators for the rigors of ASC Administration. The Bootcamp features both one-on-one interaction between participants and the speakers as well as an intensive four-day virtual training program.  

Presented by John Goehle, one of the nation’s leading ASC experts and host of the ASC Podcast with John Goehle, this bootcamp and the Virtual Conference will provide ASC Administrators with the knowledge necessary to run an Ambulatory Surgery Center in the “new world” and prepare administrators for certification if they desire.  For more information and to sign up today, click here.

Participants will meet privately with Mr. Goehle virtually prior to the conference in January.  The intensive 4 day conference will be presented Virtually on January 26 through 29, 2021.  Participants will then have a follow-up private virtual consultation with Mr. Goehle after the conference. 

Previous Conferences

The ASC Industry’s first comprehensive training in Credentialing in an ambulatory surgery center. Recorded live on December 8, 2020 this program is designed for both staff responsible for credentialing in your ASC as well as managers responsible for overseeing the function. Join John Goehle and other experts in credentialing to learn how to credential providers and pass a survey with minimal issues. Listeners will get valuable resources (including forms) as well as access to the recording for 3 months after the conference.   Click here for more information.  
On December 3 and 4th, 2020 we recorded our Second ASC Finance, Accounting and Reimbursement Seminar – and a recording is now available!

Information about the ASC Finance, Accounting and Reimbursement Seminar including Agenda

Access the Recording of the Fall 2020 ASC Finance, Accounting, and Reimbursement Seminar!

On June 11 and 12, 2020 we recorded our first ASC Finance, Accounting and Reimbursement Seminar – and a recording is now available!

Information about the ASC Finance, Accounting and Reimbursement Seminar including Agenda

Access the Recording of the Spring 2020 ASC Finance, Accounting, and Reimbursement Seminar!

ASCs will need to demonstrate that they have provided on-going staff training addressing the extra precautions necessary in the COVID-19 Environment. This training is designed to assist in meeting those training requirements and to demonstrate to surveyors that staff have been appropriately trained. This in-service focused on COVID-19 infection control precautions. This includes hand hygiene, environmental cleaning specific to frequently touched surfaces, PPE use, reprocessing and HLD considerations, social distancing, and considerations in specific clinical settings (ie. Preop/PACU/OR/Procedure Room).  Click here to purchase access. Click here for more information.
  ASCs are going to get very busy later this year when full operations resume. Make use of this slower time by doing your annual training now. Ambulatory Surgery Centers are required by CMS, State Licensure and Accreditation Organizations to provide annual training to staff on a variety of topics. This module provides the training that is not specific to an individual center. This training must be supplemented by facility specific training. The training in this program includes the following, Abuse Training, PPE, SDS, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Violence, HIPAA, Blood-borne Pathogens, Cultural Diversity, Emergency Preparedness, Human Trafficking, LGBTQ+, Operating Room Safety, and Radiation Awareness and Safety.  Recorded Live on May 14, 2020.  Click here to access the program for your staff for 2020. 


  Recorded Live on Thursday, April 30, 2020.  The Recording will Be Available Soon!

Information about the “ASC Roadmap to Recovery -A Virtual Conference to Prepare for Re-Opening in the New World” 


Purchase Access to the “It’s a New World Conference 2020”

If you attended the sessions live, you will be getting a link to these recordings.



  The recording is now available for the April 7th 2020 ASC Infection Prevention Coordinator Training Conference