Patron Member Mock Survey Discount

Patron Member Mock Survey Discount

As a Podcast Patron Member, you are eligible for a special discount on a day and a half survey with John Goehle.

John Goehle (through Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies, LLC) will provide consultative services to your Center as follows:

  1. Review Policy and procedure manual of the surgery center
  2. Review minutes of the Board Meetings and Committees of the Surgery Center
  3. Review results of prior surveys
  4. Perform a one day on-site initial “Mock Survey” to assess areas of strength and areas in which improvement is necessary in preparation for a Survey.
  5. Evaluate the results of the document review and the Mock Survey and prepare a comprehensive report assessing the facility’s compliance with the AAAHC standards and CMS regulations.



To carry out this project, we request the following information be sent to us prior to the site visit:

  • Copy of the Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Copy of the last survey report conducted by the state or any accreditation organization
  • Minutes to your QI and Governing body for the last two years.


The regular price for a mock survey is $2,750 plus travel.  Podcast Patron Members get a $500 discount as well as two copies of each of John’s Books, “The Survey Guide for ASCs – A Guide to the CMS Conditions for Coverage & Interpretive Guidelines for Ambulatory Surgery Centers – 2017 Edition”, “The Survey Checklist for ASCs – A Tool for the CMS Conditions for Coverage & Interpretive Guidelines for Ambulatory Surgery Centers” and “Ambulatory Surgery Center Governance – A Guide for Ambulatory Surgery Center Owners & Governing Body Members”.

The total value of the mock survey and books is almost $4,000 for only $2,750.

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