Regulatory Compliance

Life Safety/Construction Standards

  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Safety Guidebook: Managing Code Requirements for Fire and Life Safety – A great resource specifically geared toward ASCs by an experienced Life Safety Expert:
  • NFPA Life Safety Code – 2012 Edition – This is an essential reference tool for reading the actual Life Safety requirements in an ASC:
  • FGI Healthcare Construction standards – 2014 Edition – This is an essential reference tool for understanding the most current ASC Construction standards:

Clinical Services

  • AORN Standards – Every ASC needs to have the most current version of the AORN Standards – that are often quoted in their policies and are part of the standard of practice:

Infection Control

  • Hand Hygiene: A Handbook for Medical Professionals (Hospital Medicine: Current Concepts) – A great resource for ASC Infection Control Preventionists:


Medical Records

  • Steadman’s Medical Dictionary – One of the primary desk references for Medical Terminology
  • Taber’s Medical Dictionary – Another desk reference for Medical Terminology

Accreditation Standards

  • The Joint Commission – Ambulatory Care Standards – the most current standards for ASCs seeking Joint Commission Accreditation:



  • Physician’s Desk Reference – Absolute requirement for an ASC – This book needs to be available for any providers that subscribe drugs: