Infection Control In-Service to Meet the Challenges of COVID-19

ASC Staff In-Service

ASCs will need to demonstrate that they have provided on-going staff training addressing the extra precautions necessary in the COVID-19 Environment. This training is designed to assist in meeting those training requirements and to demonstrate to surveyors that staff have been appropriately trained. This in-service focused on COVID-19 infection control precautions. This includes hand hygiene, environmental cleaning specific to frequently touched surfaces, PPE use, reprocessing and HLD considerations, social distancing, and considerations in specific clinical settings (ie. Preop/PACU/OR/Procedure Room).

We presented this in-service live on May 20, 2020. The Conference included the following topics:

  • Session 1-Infection Control Considerations: Hand Hygiene / Hand Washing Practices
  • Session 2-Infection Control Considerations: Environmental Cleaning / Frequently Touched Surfaces
  • Session 3-Infection Control Considerations: Clinical Areas Including Social Distancing (Pre-op / PACU / OR / Procedure Room)
  • Session 4-Infection Control Considerations: Instrument Processing Areas
  • Session 5 – Infection Control Considerations: PPE Utilization
This training is provided free to all Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies Retainer Clients.  For access, contact your AHS Coordinator. A recording will be available to AHS clients following the presentation.
After you purchase access to the recording, email to get copies of the slides and a sign in sheet you can use to document employee education.