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Memberships to the ASC Podcast with John Goehle:

For a minimum pledge of $10 per month, you can become a member of the ASC Podcast with John Goehle and receive the following additional benefits:

  1. Access additional content on a private section of our website, including downloads.  Downloads include regulatory resources, example policies and procedures, risk assessments and special episode content.  The resource library continues to grow.
  2. Get Discounts on Books written by John Goehle ranging from $10 to $80 per book or $149.98 off all three of his current books!
  3. Interact with the Podcast hosts and other members about ASC issues and discuss recent episode content.
  4. For every three months of membership, CASC Certified Administrators may receive at least one AEU Credit for that quarter.  The number of AEUs available may vary from quarter to quarter depending on content.  To receive your AEU Credit, you will need to complete a short quiz related to the podcasts during the calendar quarter and after successfully completing the quiz, you will receive a certificate for the AEU unit.

Membership in the ASC Podcast with John Goehle helps us to defray to costs of producing the podcast, including research staff, travel costs to conferences, equipment costs, and production costs.

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