Get AEU Credits for Listening to the Podcast

The easy way to get AEU Credits to maintain your CASC Credential is to become a Patron Member of the Podcast for as little as $15/Month.  However, if you don’t wish to become a member, you can get pay to get individual AEUs for each calendar quarter.  You may purchase them below:

Q3 – 2019 – One AEU in “Delivery of Patient Care” – Note that after you purchase the credit, you will be sent an email with a quiz that you must pass to obtain the AEUs.

Q4 – 2019 – 4.5 AEUs as follows: (This program is approved for up to 4.50 hours of AEUs by BASC Provider #2618.

  • Human Resources (1.50 AEUs)
  • Regulatory and Legal (1.00 AEUs)
  • Financial (2.00 AEUs)

Please consider becoming a Patron Member of the ASC Podcast with John Goehle and get your AEU’s each quarter for no additional charge.